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The Chic and The Fuzzy

awwee!! I'm gunna enter The Chic and The Fuzzy Contes on Chictopia. I'm pretty exciting fo this contest. Really excited, coz I involved my bestfriend a.k.a my lovely dog ;o) in this contest. And i got so much fun during the photosession.. awwee!! its so much fun, really.. ow FYi My dog is very agile, always moving, and couldn't calm so i'm just pessimistic about takin picture with her.. but i got the solution!! aahaaa ;o) I have to bait her wid somethin to keep her quite and calm so that looks good when photographed.. yeaah i got bananas, one of her favie fruits ;o) haha i called it The Bananas Magic.. it helped me.. thanks Bananas ;o) u made Chiki calm and sweet...

Me, Chikie, and The Bananas Magic
The Magis Bananas with it power
Chiki says thank you by a Sweet kiss
Thanks fo being my partner Chiki.. here ur Bananas.. Jump baby Jump! Good girl...

awwee!! I Love my dog!!


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