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Ignorance lyrics by Paramore

CintaFotografi #1


CintaFotografi means i do Love photography ;o)
its just Indonesian Language; Bahasa.
I love Fashion, and it ofcourse related with Photography's Thangs.
Those amazing shots of most Model around da'world are
such a Freakin creative of photographer's minds,
make-up artist insanely imagination on models' face, Nice Concept
for every theme, and the great taste on editing photos.
and its really really interesting for me <3 <3
hahhaa.. i just wanna be part of them.
Now,, i can act as Make-Up Artist LOL.
and here they are............

Oct 15, 2009 at Tanah Merah and Studio Griya, Jakarta, Indonesia
Model by: Johanna Vh Porsiana
Photograph by: Sicilia V Latupeirissa
Make-up Artist by: Glory Anastasia

Zipper Legging

just wanna get it soon <3 yyay!

wew! other colors

Rihanna's Legging Jeans wid Zipper
This the way u can use it

with Flat Gladiator

with Heels

and this Lovely Wedges