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Photoshots again ;o)

Oops! i did it again, LOL..
yeyeyeee.. took some pics fo Chictopia ^_^
here they are::

and this outfit sponsored by:: Daddy's Closet :D :p

CintaFotografi #2

I've already edited 2 photos for CintaFotografi.
These are actually photos from previous The CintaFotografi's photoshot.

Johanna Vh Porsiana in Red Soil

Make-Up Artist: Glory Anastasia
Photographer: Sicilia V Latupeirissa
© CintaFotografi

My Dog is injured

huhu {T_T} my Lovely dog is injured..
act in her feet..
coz they fought between iron fences,,ahhaa..LOL
yeah they're just dog..
she was fought with one of neighbours' dog dis morning, huff!
what a woow fight!
i heard da'sounds was crazy,,
they was barking each other.. wwew! so noisy..

yeah u're the winner!

naughty face :p

see,, so fierce! ARrrRRrgghh I'm gonna bit u!

we Love each other! Get well soon my naughty gurl..

Doin Nothin..

my day off,, huff! just doin nothin.. Bored! then i played with photoshop,, haha..
editin ma pics,, Mmm.. i 'm feelin sleepy now,, Hooaaammm!
well,, here they are::

Flat Shoes

wew! i just realized dat i've got some pairs of flat shoes,,
Mmm i'm thinkin about da'heels.. yeah now i'm startin to collect da'heels..
yeaah baby!

Enough fo diz Flat shoes
Need da'Heels

Photoshots ;o)

yyay,, yesterday i took some pics fo Chictopia,, yups it's been a long time i've never posted a look yet,, huff!

now i'm back,, ahhahaa... and Here some of da'pics::

ahahaa,, shackin

my bro ,, ahha

and diz took by Daddy,, huff! always shackin and blur all da'time LOL..
yyay!! we've got some fun,, me my sist my bro and daddy,, ahhaha...

1930s Fashion

This is amazing. it highlights fashion and the events of the era. this has to be one of the best i have seen really great work.