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The New Door

This is a story about 4 teens who are completely different, with that one same dream to make it big. For the good times and the struggles, this is "The New Door."
wanna see something new in TV show??

"..and Us not being happy, that's being awesome.." -Melynda Moon

Batik Day on Friday!

Make it CooL!! ;o)

from Local Run away (above) till International Runaway (below)
awwee!! Jessica Alba looks Stunning on her Butterfly Batik Dress and Rachel Bilson so cute! (below)
Manchester United
President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Zidane Zidane
The way u wear it girls (below)
image from (above)
and this is me on Dad's Batik Shirt

Thanks God Its Friday again!

 give me some Love ;o)

- Batik Shirt, Daddy's Closet
- Black Leather Bag, Mom's Stuff
- Black Braid Belt, Mom's Stuff
-Black Suede Flats, Mine ;o)

Summer Look Make-Up

Lets Try it girls!!

Its June!

^ One of my Summer Looks ^