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Thx God fo sendin me a very very BESTFRIENDS in da world ^_^

LOve dis song,, i dedicated to all my bestfriends <3

MmmmuuuaaccHhhhh :-*

Flowy day ^_^

What a beautiful day ^_^ today. This day reminds me about girlie thing,, on my mind i'm just thinkin about Maxi Dress because it got flowers on the fabrics

just like this

That's the way they shine on it
Ashley Tisdale with The Etnic one
and Lindsay Lohan with The colorblocks Maxi Dress

Nichole Richie loves Maxi Dress, too

These are The Colorblocks Maxi Dress

and this is one of my Favie:: Saree Maxi Dress
it looks simple but still gorgeous

Mix and Match by: Glory Anastasia ( *me ^_^ )

Leather Jackets guys!!

leather jacket is a type of clothing, a jacket made of leather. The jacket has usually a brown, dark greyor black color. Leather jackets can be styled in a variety of ways, and different versions have been associated with different subcultures. For instance, the leather jacket has often been associated withbikersmilitary aviatorsrock starspunksgothsmetalheadsrivetheads and police, who have worn versions designed for protective purposes and occasionally for their potentially intimidating appearance.

Love diz design

with the buttons

other colors

The way you wear it ;o)


Kinda Ankle Boots


This is my Favie one <3

Cute Ankle Boots

Fringe Ankle Boots

awwe! Pink!!

hello there..
back again.. ahaha ^_^

after so long without writing in this blog I finally came too, with a new concept
The Fashion Blog ..
and today I was discussing about Ankle Boots <3

untill now, i hven't had it yet.. huffh! but i'm gonna buy it,, yeah! surely ;o)

LiLucH ^_^