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Lemme introduce myself..

Hi There..

I'd like to introduce myself 1st..
Ma name is Glory Anasatasia, im 20 years old right now..
mMm.. i used to write something what just happened in my life on my diary.. but now.. i dont do dat again.. until Now..
i found diz blog..
then i can easily write something & anything on it.. ofcourse about my life.. its all about LiLucH's Thangs!
hehehe.. Mm i also can learn my english here, =)
Mm.. so sorry if my english is underLevel although i've already learned it since i was in elemantary school =)

Oops!! i 4get explain samthin'..
WHy LiLucH's Thangs! ?? LiLuch means Liya Luchu =)
Liya is ma nickname.. then LiLucH's Thangs! means da'things about me ;o)

Mm.. i think enough.. dats it 4 2day..
i hope i can write everyday.. Mm.. deRs nothin purpose on diz bLog.. i juz Love to write.. and maybe it can give sam useful things fo who(da'Readers) which juz read it..

Aite Then,


GBU all...


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